Crewneck vs. V-neck Sweaters

Posted on 01 December 2016

A sweater is definitely part of the most popular and most used clothing in a man's collection— Regardless of the kind of fashion or perfect taste, most of us have a couple of sweaters that we love to put on. You might ask, Why? It's quite simple; This is because the sweater is a considerable part of making an outfit look much better. With a bunch of designs, styles and colors to choose from even the most fashion unfavorable type of guy can easily wear a sweater put on a trouser and a pair of sneakers and head out for the day, feeling confident and looking good. The number one step to choosing the best sweater is to comprehend the several necklines available and what benefits you can get when using each style. The most popular type of neckline for sweaters is none other than the Crewneck and V-neck. Today we're going to put these two types of sweaters against each other to find out which of them are the most comfortable and easier to cope with.

What is the difference between a Crewneck and V-neck Sweaters?

Both Crewneck and V-neck are made to have a collarless neckline— However, where they are different is known to have been the shaping of the neckline. While the Crewneck has a rounded neck, the V-neck has a V formed neckline. The Crewneck includes a round neck which was created to sit on the bottom of the wearer's neck. The neckline of the sweater itself is most times ribbed/sewn on as another piece giving a raised and textured look & feel. The Crewneck is known as a casual style wear and can hardly be seen being worn in a formal gathering.

Even though the Crewneck and V-neck may seem to be similar at first, being differentiated only by a tiny amount of cloth, they are incredibly unique from one another actually. The difference in outfits, styles, ideas and patterns may be more special than the other the other. The Crewneck includes a round neckline which sits over the collarbone; this helps it be ideal to work in combo with some clothes while helps it be significantly less than ideal with others. It is seen as a lot more casual version of the V-neck, being virtually identical and at the same time totally different. The Crewneck is a functional part, and a day to day wear. While the V-neck could seen worn on fewer events, the men Crewneck sweaters will be most times, in and out of your clothing collection, since it poses a chance to get maximum layering, warmth, and comfortability.

Hardly ever is a Men Crewneck seen with a collared shirt and because of this, it's regarded as a more casual garment. A Crewneck sweater is a sweater made to always keep you in warmth, and that means you will definitely be using it the most especially this wintertime. You're free to layer down or layer up depending how warm or cold it might be, as well as experiencing the awesomeness of having a lightweight alternative/option to jackets.




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